Tuesday, December 2, 2008

God Speaks How He Chooses, Part II

Excerpt from Bruchko

"In 1967, about a year after the first Motilones had become Christians, Arabadoyca and a small group of other men came to talk to me. They had decided that they wanted to tell the Yuko Indians about Jesus. I had had the same desire earlier and had made a trip back to the Yuko village where I had spent nearly a year.

I hadn't been there for more than an hour before I saw that something had changed. I soon discovered what it was. One of the women whom I had tried to tell about Jesus when I was there the first time had had a vision. As a result, most of the village had accepted Jesus."

I dare say that most Fundamentalists would say that this was demonic - that God doesn't work that way.

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