Friday, July 18, 2008

First Steps

Hello, my name is John and I live in Metropolitan Atlanta. I am 45 years old and a native of Georgia, but would like to move somewhere else one day if God so chooses.

I thought I was saved as a young boy in Colonial Hills Baptist Church in East Point, GA (they have since moved to an outer suburb of Atlanta), but I now have a true understanding of the COMPLETE Gospel of Jesus Christ. That is, I had faith as to my salvation, but I now WALK in faith. I now understand that "works" will not make me more acceptable to the Father, and that I am dead to sin. In a word, I learned about GRACE!

I had served as the Chairman of the Deacons at a small Baptist Church, but my wife and I became completely burned out by all of the activity. God had told us to leave, and we still don't know where.

The last 8 weeks have been an incredible spiritual journey, and I invite you to join me. I look forward to your comments.

You can email me directly at

Grace and Peace to you

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敖德 said...

When we moved to Dallas, Baptists used to ask us "When were you saved?" My Mom liked to answer: "33 AD."