Thursday, April 9, 2009

Fear God

"To know God, is to love Him; therefore if we only fear Him, it is because we do not really know Him."

-François Fénelon


Matthew Campbell said...

The only reason people sin, I believe, is because they do not know him. Sin hid his face from us and we became darkened in our understanding. I truly believe that when we see him clearly, we will never struggle with sin again. John said we'll be like him when he comes because we will see him as he really is. Is this why the apostles focused so much on growing in our knowledge of him and the Bible itself is always telling us to know him.

Imagine your first love and how exciting it was. Now maximize that by infinity and you have the divine romance. HE is our exceedingly great reward.

Aida said...

Hey Matthew, this is beautiful! What great encouragement! Thanks for sharing.

John Fincher said...


Sorry I didn't reply before now, but Aida is right in her assessment of your comment.

Thank you for your wisdom.

And thanks for stopping by Aida.