Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Is Billy Graham A Closet Universalist?

Have been wondering about Billy Graham's "controversial" statements that I've caught wind of, so I went looking for myself and found THIS:


Matthew Campbell said...

I honestly don't believe he is. It was just one video he made suspicious remarks on and I don't know if he actually meant he believed all would be saved or not. The fact that God desires all to be saved does not mean that they will be. It's as plain as day in the Scripture to me that all will not be saved. I don't see where confusion is.

John Fincher said...

I believe all Billy Graham was saying was that HE is not going to say that x, y, or z is definitely going to Hell.

He is just saying that is God's call - not his.

At least this was my assessment of his comments.

Matthew Campbell said...

I think you're right, John.

Jamie said...

All are RECONCILED. Objective salvation has not been REALIZED and made subjective, in my opinion.

John Fincher said...


Should it be reversed?

"SUBjective salvation has not been REALIZED and made OBjective"

I might just not understand it, but it's all good! :-)

Jamie said...

Dang it!! Don't confuse me.:D

The gift of salvation has not been recognized and accepted...how's that?

Isn't subjective the personal recognitition??