Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

After having spent the last 17 years in ONE community of believers, I read this and pondered the number of times we were invited into the homes of people we served along side of. Which for some at the top of the hierarchy was NEVER. I'm not really blaming them (well, perhaps a little), but the BUSYness of our lives WITHIN the local church environment. I can count on two hands (with fingers to spare) the number of times we were invited into fellow-servant's homes. Maybe THAT'S why our relationships, in the end, were ultimately so superficial.

"The home provides the perfect setting for relationships to get beyond the superficial and head into deeper waters. Friendships begin to take hold in such environments where we have the time to explore one another's lives. If you lack the kind of relationships you desire, look at how often you invite people into extended opportunities for relationship.

...too many people shy away from hospitality because they think their home has to be spotless and the meal scrumptious. The whole point of opening the door to new friendships is not to impress people, but to be real. IF we don't break away from the need to put on our best face, we will never develop genuine relationships. Everything doesn't have to be perfect. We can order pizza, throw hotdogs on the grill, or make sandwiches. What's important is unhurried time together to let people see into our lives."

From Authentic Relationships by Wayne and Clay Jacobsen


Leonard said...

I have read this carefully and Still have no idea whos comming for dinner all I know for sure is when you come for dinner its cabage roll night. Ha ha...

ps. nice quote think i may put that one on my wish list. thanks.

Jamie said...

OK, John, you win...I'll read the book! LOL :)

Seriously, though, that is an excellent point. When do we get past "entertaining guests" to just sharing our lives with each other? So much of what we are indoctrinated into in the mindset of doing is about perfection: home, kids, relationships, jobs, etc. As if "good" Christians have to have it all together and if not, WHY NOT??

Here is a horrid example: a member of our fellowship recently passed away. Rather than take and prepare food and just go and visit, etc. it was "decided" to take an offering and have two women drop off a meal. WHAT IS UP WITH THAT??? Something is seriously wrong.

Thanks for making me think.

John Fincher said...

Leonard, you old dog you! Funny!


Wow, what a great example of what the "Church" has come to. Awful isn't it?

Wayne Jacobsen is my fav!

Bino M. said...

John - I liked your post. But when I come to Atlanta to visit you, don't think that you can order pizza, throw hot dogs on the grill or make sandwiches. I want real food... :)

BTW, Wayne is making a good point.