Friday, October 10, 2008

What Type of Fruit Are You?

As believers, we bear all kinds of fruit: lemons, limes, and grapefruit, as well as apples, oranges, and tangerines. Some of us are sweet apples and oranges and people come and pick us. Some of us are lemons and limes, and every now and then somebody will say, “I’ll pick that one.” What kind of fruit we are is not the point. We’re just producing. People do the picking. Don’t worry about what your gift is or what your fruit is. It isn’t for you. It’s for someone else. They will see in you a particular expression of the life of God and they will come and take it.

An important part of the life is getting yourself on the shelf and not worrying anymore about, “What’s my fruit? What’s my gift? What’s my talent?” You get that settled and say, “God, I’m your person.” Once you understand that you’re His vehicle, you can rest. “God, I’m the perfect expression of You. I may look like a lemon, but there are folks that like lemons.” They will see your life and they’ll come to you and pick you.

From The Rest of the Gospel by Dan Stone and Greg Smith

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Joel B. said...

I like how this shows that whatever the fruit, it's an expression of the life of God. That's a fantastic way to show what fruit it, I think! It's not about us worrying about what the fruit is. I think often we don't even know what fruit has been 'picked' from us. :) This has given me some great stuff to think about.