Wednesday, September 3, 2008

6 Things God Wants Every Believer to Understand

  1. God not only loves you, He also likes you.
  2. God is so delighted with you that He is dancing around and singing because He can't hold back the joy.
  3. God is smiling at you.
  4. God never gets mad at you.
  5. You never disappoint God.
  6. The sins of your life are forgiven - ALL of them.

From The Grace Walk Experience by Steve McVey

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Barb said...

John, you would love the book I just finished reading. The God's Honest Truth by Darin Hufford. I recommend it highly. You can get it off his website - which is great in it's own right - at He takes the passage on love in 1 Cor., and applies it to how God is love in each of these words and how we really don't believe it.