Thursday, September 4, 2008

What Does God Get Out of The Relationship?

I've always wondered what does He get out of the relationship with His children. In other words, how does a being that knows the outcome of every situation, get ANYTHING from US?

MAYBE, even though He already knows what is going to happen, He still delights in seeing US become excited about Him!

Does that make sense?

Let me say it a different way – maybe even though He knows what is going to take place, He knows we DON’T know. He then enjoys seeing us light up when He reveals something to us or we come to an understanding or truth, or we come to love Him more.

Do you think this is as awesome as I do?


Joel B. said...

I think what you're saying here really highlights that fact that God is a giver, and He delights in giving. "Giving" is what He "gets" from the relationship. God is agape, and agape is selfless and giving. So what a great thing you've brought up here. I think you're right that He loves revealing Himself to us bit by bit, and watching us grow and be excited about learning to know Him.

John Fincher said...

Yes, what else could it be? Since He has seen, and sees, all of eternity, OUR delight could be the ONLY thing that brings HIM delight!

That is ALWAYS something that has troulbed me, and I thank Him for this revelation.