Friday, June 5, 2009

Finding Grace

How about this, Alison? :-)


...and Enide said...

Better... but what about a video celebrating Christian community where it exists? Not about what I can do as a part of the Church or what lots of "I's" can do together as a part of the Church? But about a real community, the body of Christ, that transcends who we are?

I want to see a video where the people from the "Judged" video find a community. Where they are happy and blessed as a part of the body of Christ! That's what the Church is about, isn't it?

That song rocks, incidentally. And thanks for humoring me.

John Fincher said...


Please don't think I was humoring you in that it was patronizing. You really gave me something to think about, and I'm still processing your comment to my Judgment video.

Love you!

The Lewis Family said...

About a year ago I believe it was Matthew who posted a youtube video he got from Steve McVeys page called 'Imagine Me' by Kirk Franklin. Awesome video. Very powerful and encouraging. From down to up. . .