Wednesday, June 3, 2009



...and Enide said...

That's a really powerful video. But why doesn't someone make a powerful video about times people's lives have been changed by love and acceptance?

I understand there's a point in remembering how much our actions may affect other people, and in feeling solidarity with others who have felt judged. But I'm not really sure dwelling on the awful things some Christians have done to other Christians makes us better Christians. It's so easy not to love other people. I'm afraid videos like these might encourage us to judge those who judge, if that makes sense. Shouldn't we celebrate love instead of dwelling on judgment?

The Lewis Family said...

I really appreciated the video. It reminded me of how desperately people need to see His love. Seeing things like that fills my heart with compassion and gives me greater purpose for the now.

I also see what you are saying '. . . and Enide', but I think most of us at one time or another have sat in that seat of judgement and know that it is a great deal of ignorance that lies behind such wounding words. Therefore, for us to judge the judgers would be like judging ourselves and I for one am quite enjoying the freedom. . . I really did find that this clip reminded me to treat others as I desire to be treated and as Jesus treats us. . .

Thanks, Becky

Joel B. said...

I agree with the idea that there are a lot of videos like this and there is a lack of the type of videos that focus on the positive changes in people's lives as a result of love, acceptance, grace, etc.

The thing about videos like this, though, is that they aren't the be-all end-all of the ongoing conversation, and they can play a huge part in the overall conversation. There are many people are becoming free in their lives in Christ, and as part of the process, the judgmentalism and condemnation not only needs to be addressed but sometimes needs to be focused on for however long it takes. Truly, we can't stay in that place, but it's necessary - or at least very helpful - for many people.

I was just talking with someone about this a couple of hours ago. He has been going through a tough time, and he's asking many good - and tough - questions about church and life in Christ, etc. He was saying that we can't just dwell on the negatives. I told him I fully agree... And yet, there are many people who are right there in that place where this speaks volumes to them.

I also think there's a place to leave the happy ending for another day. Sort of off topic, but an example would be Jesus' encounter with the the rich young ruler. After a brief conversation, Jesus let the man go away sad. He didn't run after the man and say, "But hey... here's the real answer... just abide in Me!"

My overall point has nothing to do with that particular story, but just that it's ok to let people be in a place where they dwell on things and have time to process them for a while.