Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Shaking Foundations

Have you thought about the words Jesus used, "Our Father Who art in Heaven"?

Take a moment and ponder the magnitude of those two simple words - Our Father...Do you see it?

WE take them for granted. But, put yourselves in the place of the hearers of those words for the first time in history. For centuries they were told to not take the LORD'S Name in vain. They were told of the miracles of YHWH in hushed, reverent tones. HE was the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. He was inscrutable.

And then, "Our Father". *SNAP* Religious foundations were shaken to their core.

For the first time since the Fall, the Creator was...FATHER! Intimate, familial.

And Jesus didn't say MY Father - He said OUR Father. *CRACK*

These two simple words forever changed how we could think about God, how we could perceive we could KNOW Him.

He indeed IS knowable and desires an intimate relationship with His children. He is, after all, OUR FATHER.


Jamie said...

Nice...right up there with Emmanuel: God With Us.

lencac said...

"Our Father" ...... "My Father". What a concept. Yah, the Creator knows ME? Since before the foundations of the earth? WOW! Now that is weird science. What's more is the Word says to come boldly to the Father with your prayers and requests. Whoa! Jump right up in His lap and yell DADDY!
When you're broke, busted and disgusted ............ DADDY HELP!
When you fall down in the dirt .......... DADDY HELP!
He will pick you up, clean you off and send you on your way to try again.
No need to have anything in between. No religion, no priest, no witchdoctor, nothing. Incredible!
Only by what the blood of the Lamb has provided for us is this possible for He has attributes.
He is our Father - We are his children
He is Our Lord - we are his servants
He is our King - we are his subjects
He is our Groom - We are his Bride
He is our Sheppard - We are His flock
No matter what life throws at us Yah has given us the right to call him Father. Astounding!

Anonymous said...

Got it, John. Thanks for the link. Lennart