Friday, August 29, 2008

Rethinking What I've Been Rethinking

I met for about 2 hours with an amazing man today who challenged me about my beliefs. I've already mentioned that when I left my home church 2 months ago after 17 years, that God had "emptied my cup". The only thing I clung to was my faith in Jesus Christ and HIS finished work. He has been building on THAT foundation.

Right now I am in a transitional state - after almost a lifetime of being saved - still a babe in Christ. That being said, I am learning to trust Him, one day at a time. I am anxious for nothing and enjoying my journey. I have faith in the fact that He will restore balance, and finish the good work that He has begun.

Please don't think that I have any special gift or knowledge - I'm just seeking Truth. What I have posted so far here may or may not be. I just want you to see where He leads MY life and maybe challenge your preconceived notions about what we've all been taught, no matter what your background is.

Stay tuned....

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