Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Coming Evangelical Collapse

An essay by Michael Spencer from the Christian Science Monitor.

You can read it here


Joel B. said...

I've seen this posted several places today. Like Spencer says, he's no prophet and his words are fallible, but in general I agree with what he's saying, and I even hope for a lot of it to happen. :)

I love my evangelical brothers and sisters in Christ, but I think that a lot of what evangelicals have tried to do - from making social conservatism/morality their big issue, to making "relevancy" their big issue, or whatever - has totally (or at least in large part) missed what Christ is really about.

I won't sit here all haughty and act as if "I" gots the goods, but I do think that this particular chapter in the history of "Christianity" is coming to an end sometime soon, and it might not be pretty but it could very well be a good thing.

John Fincher said...


I read and reread this article. I FEEL he's right about the event itself (don't know if I agree with all of his conclusions, though), but only time will tell.

Tozer, the father of modern Evangelicalism, would not recognize it.

We are living in interesting times....

Joel B. said...

I'm listening to Glenn Beck in the background this morning. He's been reading bits and pieces of the article. I've barely been paying attention (due to my attention being on other things), but he seems to be taking it seriously. Of course, his perspective is from a "religion under attack" point of view, and he's generally been a "morality" kind of guy, so he's skipped parts of the article.

But overall, I get the gist that a lot of this will come from outside political sources, as well as an imploding of the evangelical church due to its own devices. I by no means have all this figured out, but it's interesting to see what people are saying, and I definitely think things are changing.

Free Spirit said...

What an interesting read, John.

Certainly gives much to think about.