Saturday, March 21, 2009

God Speaks How He Chooses, Part III

Experience as told by Mr. Ray McAfee from the biography in The Mystery of the Holy Spirit by A. W. Tozer

"Ray McAfee was the associate pastor, choir director, and song leader for Dr. Tozer in Chicago for fifteen years. They often met together for prayer and conversation. McAfee wrote, 'On a day that I shall never forget, Tozer knelt down by his chair, took off his glasses and laid them on the chair, rested back on his bent ankles. He clasped his hands together, raised his face with his eyes closed and began, O God, we are before Thee.

With that, there came a rush of God's presence that literally filled the room, and we both worshiped God in silent ecstasy, wonder, and adoration.'"

Tozer is read in seminaries today, but I dare say that a very large number of evangelicals today would deny that God still works in this way. Some would say that there IS no place for experience such as this, nor should we seek it.

Why have we replaced seeking His presence with Religion?

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Free Spirit said...

Potent! And, right on.
I submit, that it is THE missing common denominator of all current day christianity/churchianity/religion.

We've exchanged HIS presence for the our own inflated talk thereof.

In the end, we've simply longed for our own presence to be known, and sought... under the guise of humility.