Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tozer on Good Communication

Tozer's advice to preachers.

"Read some of the great Puritan authors and some of the mystics. Read and memorize good poetry. Observe how these writers express themselves. Become word conscious. Pay attention to words and the effect they have. Get and use a dictionary. Whenever I come across a word I'm not familiar with, I look it up immediately and study it. With a large vocabulary you are able to be precise in what you are saying. Nothing takes the place of using the right word. Flaubert used to say that there are no synonyms. Find the right word, and use it."


Bino M. said...

Some great advice there!

Jamie said...

LOL...I write with my dictionary and Dictionary of Problem Words & Expressions beside me.

Not sure how much it helps, though! ;)