Tuesday, March 17, 2009

If The Dead Could Speak, What Would They Say?

By Mike Myers
I have 3 sets of grand parents and 1 father buried in the same cemetery just 2 miles from where I live. So I pass it a lot in my everyday errands. But today I had the thought, “What a trip! My dad used to drive down this same street and pass his father in this same cemetery as he did his everyday errands.” And then I wondered, “What if my dad could come back to talk to me, what would he want to tell me? And what if he only had like five minuets to say whatever he wanted to tell me? What would be the most important thing he’d have to say?”

It’s funny, but I knew the answer instantly because I believe God was listening in on this conversation in my head. He’d tell me to fall in love with God! And I would say, “But dad, I am in love with God!” And he’d say, “No son, you don’t even get it… I mean abandon yourself to Him, Michael! Jump off of the cliff into the ocean of His love! Let His gravity pull you like an overwhelming force to Him! You think you have to climb to Him when you really just need to fall into Him! It’s just letting go of yourself and all of your insecurities and allowing Him to take you to Himself and fill you overflowing with His love! We were made to be containers of His love, Michael! You don’t need to love people more, you need to just let yourself go and jump into God! I don’t know how else to explain it to you if you haven’t seen Him! He’s pure love wrapped in skin! Love just emanates from His being! He generates all of the love for the entire universe and heaven! All love that exists is coming from Him, son! Drink it! Swim in it! Abandon yourself to Him! The only reason He made us was to love us! LET GOD LOVE YOU, SON! Just let Him! I can’t wait for you to see Him… the way He really is! I’ll see you soon, son!”


Barb said...

I think you are right Mike!

Bino M. said...

Good word!

You think you have to climb to Him when you really just need to fall into Him!

I think we are 'normal' when we are in Him. We would need to use a certain force (energy) to NOT to be in Him. I would rather be the way I was created to be - to be in Him!

Thank you for sharing, John!

Meow :)

John Fincher said...

Barb, thanks for stopping by and for your heart.

Bino, you are quickly becoming a special brother. We all need believers like you in our lives.

"Meow" - backacha! ;-)

Jamie said...

I like. :D

John Fincher said...

Me likey too!

Free Spirit said...

Hey - good word!
THIS is Papa!

Who the heck is Michael? I thought you were John???