Monday, March 9, 2009

Cats and the Father

For those of you who don’t like cats, please indulge me.

This goes along with an earlier post I wrote last year about what Father gets out of our relationship

We have a cat we call Scooter. He is a big, fat cat. We adopted him in the early part of 2000 from a cat rescue facility. We didn't pick him out – they just gave us one they believed would be fine being by himself most of the day.

We could not have picked out a better pet if we were given a checklist. Most people who don’t even like cats, like Scooter.

I got up Sunday morning, and as usual, he was waiting for me downstairs. He did his usual habit of rolling on his back inviting me to play with him. I was rubbing his stomach and he was pretending to bite and scratch me, although he only goes so far before he starts licking instead of biting.

This little creature gives me joy and makes me laugh every day. I was thanking Father for bringing him into my life when something hit me. Even though I KNOW that he will do the same thing every morning and roll on his back and want me to play with him, he never fails to make me happy.

Perhaps this is how Father delights in us also. He already knows what we will do and already knows our reaction, but He still LOVES to see it. He loves the reaction when He gives us something or sees our joy when He reveals something to us.

I want to learn to live in Father's affection.


Bino M. said...

Wow! It surely is a BIG cat!

...and Enide said...

I like Scooter!

Free Spirit said...

Aww... now THAT's good stuff!!
I echo that!!
Let's live in His affection! :)

Aida said...

Scooter is such a beautiful cat and I know he brings you much joy. Our cat who's also pretty big is named Shelby and she's the queen of this castle.

Great analogy. I believe Father delights in seeing our joy and in enjoying those intimate moments with us.

...and Enide said...

You haven't become a cat blogger, have you? ;-)

John Fincher said...


Please...he's FAT!


Interesting new moniker. Is Adam Erec? And, one cat post does not a cat-blog make. ;-) Also, the fact that you like Scooter makes my point about people who don't even like cats, like Scooter.

FS and Aida,

Thanks for the comments and Aida, thanks for sharing your "queen" with me.